Potent, Flavorful, Pesticide-Free Distillate Oil

Make The Shift...

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Welcome to Clutch Carts!  With our love for classic cars and quality cartridges, we strive to produce oil with the same quality and care that was taken to produce the classic cars we love.  When it's time to shift gears in life, whether to get going or slow down, Clutch Carts has what you need.   Follow us on Instagram for some great shots of both of our passions at: clutch_carts

Clutch Carts was founded by long-time medical cannabis activists who wanted potent, strain specific, terpene rich oil at an affordable price.  Our oils are created from cannabis sourced from farms using organic practices and are free from pesticides and residual solvents.  Using cutting edge oil extraction and distillation equipment and adding a blend of live resin cannabis terpenes (terp sauce) and strain specific, full spectrum, steam distilled, organic terpenes we have worked to produce some of the cleanest, most effective and best tasting oil on the market today.  We plan to continue to release new strains in the near future and will always provide the same, amazing quality oils and terpenes in each batch.  We here at Clutch Carts are patients, caregivers and long-time growers who genuinely care about the quality of the oil we produce and are concerned for the safety our customers so we only offer oil that is residual and pesticide free.  We test all of our oils through licensed and permitted California labs and are distributed through a licensed and permitted California distributor. 

Clutch Carts oils are ONLY available through licensed and permitted collectives in the State of California.